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solar greenhouse with
energy recovery system

solar greenhouse with energy recovery system

adelio is a solar greenhouse with an energy recovery system which exploits the natural energy emitted by sunlight, maintaining the ideal temperature in the greenhouse.

ADELIO is a mechanical system capable of extracting excess thermal energy from the greenhouse, owing to the greenhouse effect, by withdrawing heat from the air and its transfer and temporary accumulation in the subsoil of the greenhouse itself to be withdrawn later on.
Heat is extracted using a heat pump. The heat exchanger is the tube coil located along the walls of the greenhouse. This coil acts as a support surface for an eventual photovoltaic system with suitable inclination. Its originality is precisely in the fact that it is installed inside the greenhouse instead of on its roof where it obstructs photosynthesis.

The original idea of this project is precisely that of using the solar energy in the greenhouse, energy which is partly released in traditional greenhouses or simply not used, thus raising the internal temperature beyond what is needed.

ADELIO would like to be a proposal capable of meeting the following challenge: instead of ejecting hot air, it turns it into hot water, storing this energy in a layer of soil capable of holding this heat and making it available during the night.

Written By
Sergio Spelgatti