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how to choose a professional greenhouse

how should a professional greenhouse be chosen? discover all the features of our greenhouses specifically designed to adapt to the well-being of your plant. our experience allows us to find a tailor made solution for your needs.

conceive the greenhouse
beyond its enclosure
For anyone who isn’t in a rush to immediately study our range of greenhouses, we will guide them in this section so that they can evaluate a greenhouse crop investment. This journey puts the plant and its well-being at centre stage, building an ideal protected environment around it, capable of controlling the main climatic-cultivation parameters concerning its growth.
designing greenhouses
A good greenhouse must be able to limit the sudden and excessive climatic variations (air and soil temperature, relative humidity) in relation to the ideal values.


The greenhouses produced by AGRIMEC are made with high-quality European raw materials and technical-structural expedients that guarantee greater efficiency and are easy to assemble. They ensure a wide flexibility of use...


Discover the normative references regarding tunnel greenhouses and mini-greenhouses.

systems for anchoring to the ground

The anchoring system is practical and can be fully disassembled because it is sunk into the plinth or else a pipe other than the pillar is buried or an anchor plate is used on a suitable cement base.
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