• systems for anchoring to the ground

professional greenhouses anchoring

agrimec provides its customers with two different anchoring solutions: the more classical with cement or the alternative with dry anchoring, providing the right stability, easier to install as no authorisations are required in this case.

on concrete foundation
The actions transmitted to the ground require underground foundations with cement plinths. The anchoring system is nonetheless practical and can be fully disassembled thanks to a pipe other than the pillar being sunk into the plinth or using on anchor plate on a suitable cement base.
A – After the excavation, perform an initial casting in lean concrete to provide a level reference surface

B – At this point, position the anchoring pipe facing the right way. There is a hole at the base of the pipe that can be used to insert an iron rod. Finish by sinking it into the cement. When the job is done, the tapered part of the pipe where the greenhouse pillar was bolted should emerge above ground level.
Upright reinforcement detail
Double pole detail
“dry” without cement
As an alternative – having verified the suitability of the ground that the greenhouse is assembled on – you can do without concrete foundations by using the “dry” anchoring type without cement.
In this case a good quality excavation is required, with a well levelled and compact surface. The bottom of the excavation needs to be hard and cohesive to prevent any yielding. The column is linked to the ground by an anchoring plate set at the bottom of the excavation of a suitable size to be able to transfer its actions to the ground.
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