Professional greenhouse production

Our company is specialised in the production of professional greenhouses for flowers and vegetables. For over 40 years we have put our experience at your service, meeting the different needs of our customers.

The company
  • AGRIMEC was founded in 1979. It still has the same name and is still run by the Spelgatti family, providing its customers and suppliers, with its own solid heritage and that of its associates. From the start it has gained extensive experience in the design and installation of flower and vegetable greenhouses, nationally and internationally.
  • It is located in the industrial zone of Casazza (BG), a commercial area in the Valle Cavallina, with headquarters on an 8,000 sqm property. Four large buildings make up the covered part of the production site. This area houses the management and technical administrative offices, the production departments and the warehouse.
  • Agrimec obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certification in 2016.
Systems & technologies
In over 30 years of business, the company has renewed its production technology along with the professional capabilities of its workers, hired with permanent contracts.

The main work centres consist of automatic machinery, characterised by high efficiency and great production capacity.

An in-house engineer performs the designing activities making use of last generation design and finite element structural calculus tools.

The products are tested on-site in order to approve functioning of the new solutions.
“Turnkey” service
AGRIMEC has a consolidated sales network in italy and abroad, supplying customer service as soon as the contract is stipulated with the company. We quickly and professionally ship goods in italy and abroad, at cost-effective conditions for the customer.
Our systems are installed by qualified employees and craftsmen. Our top priority is assembling greenhouses or systems. Assembly is assigned to skilled professionals who are capable, experienced and well-organised.
On demand by the customer, agrimec can take on the direction of work and supply complete “turnkey” systems. In any case agrimec can help the customer during the installation phase, providing assembly drawings and manuals or else dispatching a supervising engineer to assist with assembly.
Greenhouses, energy, innovation
Designing has been focused on the issue of energy over the last decade.

AGRIMEC started with the full renovation of its work environment, today characterised by the exploitation of renewable or similar energy. The business’s energy demand is guaranteed by a photovoltaic system and a cogeneration unit to produce electric power and to heat the work spaces.

Its in-house experience allows AGRIMEC to believe even more strongly in the perspective of energy and management sustainability and to provide its customers with the know-how necessary for the energy efficiency of its greenhouses. AGRIMEC wants to be a model for its customers.

In 2012 it obtained its first European patent for coming up with a new greenhouse design. The idea was awarded by the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce and the first prototype of this greenhouse was made in Romania. Today AGRIMEC doesn’t only build greenhouses. Its mission is clearly an invitation to search for new forms of energy to run the greenhouses.
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