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we have been manufacturing professional flower and vegetable greenhouses for over 40 years, employed in their production and installation, putting our experience and professionalism at your service.

Agrimec offers a well differentiated range of greenhouses both to cover specific usage requirements and to satisfy the different budgets of the customer.
wide range of greenhouse models
standard and custom-made
Agrimec designs, manufactures and installs vertical wall or tunnel greenhouses 10 m wide at most. These are modular structures produced in series which nonetheless have a wide variety of dimensions. Thanks to the EN1090 certification, the structures proposed by Agrimec are placed on the market with the CE marking. They are designed specifically by our engineer in compliance with technical standards on constructions and are therefore accompanied by appropriate technical documentation which helps the customer in taking care of authorisation procedures. They are manufactured with first choice and high quality, durable and oxidation resistant materials. The structures are easy to assemble, thanks to the use of bolted junctions, male-female couplings and fixed connection points between the members.

Our offer can satisfy different types of customers looking for: a professional greenhouse, strong and efficient or a simpler and more economical agricultural tunnel or a small greenhouse used as a hobby.
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