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tsr tunnel greenhouses

tsr tunnel greenhouses are our highest tunnel model, the ideal product for storage of farm material.

TSR tunnels are the ideal solution when needing a considerable height, for example for the storage of bales of hay or else to shelter cab tractors.
Tunnels designed for the agricultural and livestock field. Ideal for storing hay, farm equipment, tractors. Made with semicircular arc in round tube reinforced with a tension rod.

It would be difficult to have these tunnels authorised as greenhouses due to their specific intended use and the type of opaque, non-transparent covering material used.

They are more commonly defined as small industrial sheds. No worry. Agrimec designs these structures in compliance with current standards and the materials are placed on the market with the CE marking, mandatory for the structural components.
  • Maximum width: 10,3 m
  • Classification standard EN 13031-1: B10 (service life 10 years)
  • Main use: garaging/storage.
dimensional features
Modello L (m) H (m) Ht (m) A (mm) C (mm) T (mm)
TSR 6 6 3,50 - 60x1,5 60x2,0 -
TSR 8 8 4,40 4,00 60x1,5
60x2,0 20x1,5
TSR 10.3 10.3 5,80 5,00 60x2,0 60x2,0 20x1,5
tsr 6 tunnel
tsr 8 tunnel
tsr 10.3 tunnel
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