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production and sale of greenhouse fronts: discover the front model designed for your greenhouse. we manufacture systems with sliding and tilting doors, or with sliding tarpaulin according to our customers’ needs.

why choose
the front
The front frame is an important wall of the greenhouse:
  • It must have a metal structure structure suitable to transfer stress coming from the outside onto the bearing structure of the greenhouse, especially caused by strong winds;
  • It must be lined with long-lasting durable materials as its position makes these materials easily subject to damage for various reasons: impact with work vehicles such as tractors, trucks, various tools...
  • It can house the various types of entrances to the greenhouse: systems with sliding doors, tilting systems or systems with sliding tarpaulin..
system with sliding doors
  • Solution admitted for NM, HM and TN models
  • Elegant solution
  • Ideal for pedestrian access and for small transport/work vehicle access; recommended lining with fibreglass in rolls or sheets, honeycomb polycarbonate, PVC and PET.
Useful width Useful height Number of sliding doors
A (m) B (m)
1,44 2,30÷3,50 single
1,94 2,30÷3,50 single
2,94 2,30÷3,50 double
3,94 2,30÷3,50 double
tilting system
  • Solution admitted for NM and TN models with H = 2.35 m
  • Cost-effective solution
  • In short greenhouses (< 15-20 m) this front can replace lateral windows thanks to the ventilation obtained by fully opening the front surface
  • Pedestrians may enter with a handy hinged door (1.45×2.3 m) and at the same time allowing entry to any type of transport/work vehicle as long as they are lower than 2.3 m;
  • Lining with polyethylene film
system with sliding tarpaulin
  • System admitted for NM and HM models
  • PVC tarpaulin provided with carriages at the top side to slide on a single rail and with straps on the bottom side to tighten it when closed
  • Ideal solution for those needing a useful entry along the entire width of the greenhouse together with a useful height > 2.3 m
  • Sliding could be a problem in greenhouses which are too high.
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