• top covering and film installation

sale of installation systems of top covering for greenhouses

sale of installation systems of top covering for greenhouses. discover our solutions designed to provide you with high energy saving and ideal resistance to adverse atmospheric agents.

AGRIMEC recommends using double film, namely overlapping two polyethylene films separated by an air chamber obtained by pumping air between the film using a small fan.
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benefits of double film
  • Considerable energy-saving (30-40%)
  • Better resistance to hail
  • Longer life of film
  • Easy to assemble
  • Optimal film tensioning
Agrimec offers a wide range of accessories for fixing the covering films.
Code: nv0987
Description: Single flat aluminium profile
Weight: 380 gr/m
Length: 6000 mm
Code: nv1056
Description: Single flat angular aluminium profile
Weight: 675 gr/m
Length: 6000 mm
Code: vb14106
Description: Double flat aluminium profile
Weight: 1225 gr/m
Length: 6000 mm
Code: nv5242
Description: : Double reinforced aluminium profile
Weight: 1088 gr/m
Length: 6000 mm
Code Description For tube Packaging
clips15met Metal clips Ø 15 Ø 16 25 kg
clips20met Metal clips Ø 20 Ø 21 25 kg
clips25met Metal clips Ø 25 Ø 28 25 kg
clips30met Metal clips Ø 30 Ø 32 25 kg
clips35met Metal clips Ø 35 Ø 38 20 kg
clips45met Metal clips Ø 45 Ø 48 20 kg
clips55met Metal clips Ø 55 Ø 60 20 kg
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