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ts tunnel greenhouses

our ts tunnel greenhouses are simple and low cost, an ideal agricultural tunnel model that can be used in areas where it snows often.

TS tunnels (simplified tunnels, without tension rod) are the simplest and most economical product offered in our professional range. They are preferably offered in climatic areas more subject to snowfalls, as they consist of a round arc, with a curved profile to facilitate unloading of snow.
The fronts and side windows of the TS tunnels are not plugged in any way. The covering sheeting must be buried underground.
Simplicity and cost-effective

It would not make sense to choose a simplified tunnel like this and then to equip it. For more advanced technical requirements, you must necessarily go for the TN tunnel model.

The TS model is obviously preferred by those who need to save money. Nonetheless, despite the architectonic simplicity that distinguishes them, these tunnels are sufficiently strong and without too much difficulty they can meet insurability requirements.
  • Maximum width: 8 m
  • Classification standard EN 13031-1: B5 (service life 5 years)
  • Main use: horticulture,cold tunnel, very cost-effective choice.
dimensional features
Modello L (m) H (m) A (mm) T (mm)
TS 6 6 2,80 60x1,5 -
TS 8 7,8 3,70 -
TS 8 new 7,8 3,90 25x1,2
ts 6 – ts 8 tunnel
new ts 8 tunnel
Applicant data