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sale of greenhouse accessories

agrimec, in addition to making and selling greenhouses and mini-greenhouses, also takes care of selling greenhouse accessories: windows and automatisms, fronts and a lot more. all that is needed to make your crops successful and to meet the individual needs of our customers.

The greenhouses can be equipped with an adequate range of accessories making them more efficient:
  • manual or automatic windows for ideal ventilation
  • fronts with entrance doors lined with various plastic materials
  • covering materials, the most important choice of the greenhouse investment
  • top covering, especially using sheeting and the correct installation technique

climate and crop control

Aerating the greenhouse is not only useful to lower the temperature, but also to reduce humidity in the air, to keep the CO2 level constant. A high greenhouse requires a smaller amount...


The front frame is the most important wall of the greenhouse and it must have a metal structure suitable for transferring stress coming from the outside onto the bearing structure of the greenhouse...

covering materials

The covering materials represent the cost item where the maintenance interventions are concentrated. Therefore they must be durable, efficient and strong

top covering and film installation

AGRIMEC recommends using double film, namely overlapping two polyethylene films separated by an air chamber obtained by pumping air between the film...
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