• climate and crop control

sale of greenhouse windows and automatisms

production and sale of greenhouse windows and automatisms. an economical and quick solution so that the inside of your greenhouse is properly ventilated. our expert personnel will be able to give you advice on the best solution for your greenhouse.

the importance
Aerating the greenhouse is not only useful to lower the temperature, but also to reduce humidity in the air, to keep the CO2 level constant. A high greenhouse requires a smaller amount of air exchanges than a low one to achieve the same ventilation effect.
plastic film roll-up
side windows
  • Practical solution
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ideal solution coupled with the roof windows (fireplace effect)
side windows
  • Ideal solution for greenhouses with a single nave without roof openings
  • Convenient solution for plants not struck by direct air
top roof
side windows
  • Use only with double inflated film
  • Driven by rack and pinion
  • Very efficient air exchange

window actuation

standard accessory
Cost: low
Speed: high
Effort (torque): high
Automatic operation: no
Opening length: < 60 m
Roll-up opening: : for low greenhouses
Up-down opening: not admitted
Top opening: not admitted
manual gear
Cost: medium
Speed: medium
Effort (torque): medium
Automatic operation: no
Opening length: < 60 m
Roll-up opening: admitted
Up-down opening: admitted
Top opening: not recommended
Cost: high
Speed: low
Effort (torque): low
Automatic operation: yes
Opening length: up to 100 m
Roll-up opening: recommended
Up-down opening: recommended
Top opening: mandatory

automatic system operation

cooling with air exchange

cooling with air exchange(A)natural ventilation with windows
(B) forced ventilation
Machines and utilities(A) gearmotors
(B) air extractors and dampers
Probes(A) thermometer, anemometer (opt), rain gauge (opt)
(B) thermometer
cooling with humidification

Accessories and systemscooling-system
Machines and utilitiesextractors + submerged pump
Probesthermometer + hygrometer (opt)

Accessories and systemsheating system
Machines and utilitieshot-air generator, burner + fan

Accessories and systemsnebulization
Machines and utilitiespump + solenoid valves

Accessories and systemsshading system e thermal screen
Machines and utilitiesgearmotor
Probesluxmeter + thermometer (opt)

Accessories and systemsirrigation
Machines and utilitiespump + solenoid valves
fertilizer injection

Accessories and systemsfertilizer injection
Machines and utilitiesproportional dosing system
automatic fertilizer injection bench
Probes Probes ph probe/ec probe
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